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Standalone or PC based

From standalone systems to a fully integrated PC based system, the simple decision is how much you want to be in control of the access system(s) and how much information you need to retrieve from it.

A standalone system can be as simple as a single door where authorised access is granted on presentation of a valid proximity token or the inputting of a PIN. Standalone systems can be used for multiple doors on an individual bases but configuring and programming would normally be undertaken at each door station.

Where the number of users is as such that keeping track of people who have access rights needs more organising then a PC based system would be advantageous. With a PC based system, you can control and monitor all doors, control and monitor users and undertake programming and configuring of the system remotely. A PC based system can control and monitor 1000’s of users’ over 100’s of access points and can be integrated into CCTV and intruder alarm systems.

If you require specific time profiles of when users can gain access through specific doors on certain days at certain times then a PC based system is required.

The functionality and features off PC based systems are vast and therefore we would recommend a site survey which would determine your functional requirements.

With the current COVID19 pandemic in mind, some access control systems now have the ability to temperature check users safeguarding your employees by integrating with temperature self-check devices.

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