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Addressable fire detection

As you will agree, fire detection is important to prevent injury, serious damage and potential loss of business and/or property whilst alerting building occupiers.

Whilst the principal operation is similar to that of a conventional fire alarm system utilising manual and automatic fire detection (AFD), there are a number of benefits with using addressable control equipment and devices. A few examples are: -

  • Less cabling on larger systems (more than 1 zone) resulting in a quicker and more aesthetic installation
  • Sounders, beacons, relay interfaces can be connected to the same loop
  • Each device (address) can be programmed with specific location text thus pinpointing the device to its exact position
  • Each device can be individually controlled making individual device isolation possible
  • Zones can be amended with programming alleviating the need for any re-cabling
  • Comprehensive system log
  • Full English text with time and date

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