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Aspirating smoke detection

The faster a fire is detected the sooner action can be taken to prevent injury, serious damage and potential loss of business and/or property whilst alerting your workforce.

Aspirating smoke detection systems offers quicker detection times and can be installed in environments not normally suited for conventional optical smoke detection or in dirty environments where sensitive rapid smoke detection is required to administer the activation of audible warning devices.

Aspirating Smoke Detection (AFD) works by drawing air through a ‘sampling point’ from the protected area(s) through a network of pipes. This air is then analysed in a Sensing Chamber of an Aspirator Detection Unit where upon smoke detection, triggers the activation of the fire alarm system(s). These sampling points are usually situated where automatic fire detection (AFD) devices would be installed.

Aspirating Smoke Detection systems can be retrofitted to any fire alarm system and are suitable for Cold Store environments.

A few examples of suitable locations for ASD systems: -

Waste handling centres, warehouses, electrical switch rooms, server rooms, under floors, ceiling voids, ducts, cabinets, hazardous environments and areas of risk that are difficult to access to maintain AFD devices.

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