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Intruder alarm (Audible only)

An ‘Audible Only’ system is generally an Intruder Alarm System that does not benefit from Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) monitoring but may benefit from a device called a Speech Dialler. A speech dialler is a device that upon activation will dial a pre-programmed telephone number and replay a pre-recorded message. A speech dialler cannot be used to summon the Police or other Emergency Services.

Upon the activation of an audible intruder alarm system an external sounder will sound for a maximum duration of 15-minutes (taking into consideration noise abatement legislation). Modern external sounders also benefit from an integral strobe that will operate upon the activation of the intruder alarm system.

With current technology and dependant on the manufacturer of the system installed, it is possible to control your intruder alarm system remotely from an application installed on a tablet or smartphone. The system can generate ‘push notifications’ that will notify you when the system is armed, disarmed or activated. A Wi-Fi connection would be required by the alarm system and tablet and/or smartphone.

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