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Wireless intruder alarm

Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems are becoming more common as they afford quicker installation without the upheaval sometimes required to install cabling. All devices are battery operated (other than the control panel that still requires power) and with current battery technology, this alleviates the need for regular battery changes. Most devices are able to operate for 2-years on a lithium battery with a few variables to take into consideration like temperature and the number of times a device operates.

With current technology and dependant on the manufacturer of the system installed, it is possible to control your intruder alarm system remotely from an application installed on a tablet or smartphone. The system can generate ‘push notifications’ that will notify you when the system is armed, disarmed or activated. A Wi-Fi or SIM connection would be required by the alarm system and tablet and/or smartphone.

Whilst the installation of wireless intruder alarm system is on the increase a few drawbacks of wireless systems are their ancillary device cost, battery maintenance costs and frequency issues.

One thing to note; whilst rare, devices on the same frequency, like a door bell or router, may affect the system although modern systems have the ability to ‘channel hop’ to move the effected device to an alternative channel in an effort to move away from an offending frequency.

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